Support Joints & Cartilage Health with Patented & High Bioavailability Ingredients.

Holistic Health Labs Joints Supplement
Joints Alive
"I bought Joints Alive to help with the wear and tear in my joints. I’m 58 years old and they used to work like they should but in the past year they’ve started to get creaky. I’ve used other products but I don’t feel like they are bringing relief to the pain. After just 4 hours I realize that I don’t feel the pain that used to crept from below my spine when I get up from the couch. My knees don’t hurt anymore and I can go back to activities that I love like golfing and dancing. I will never give Joints Alive up."
— Cynthia

Supports Joints Function

Scientific Dosage

Deep Fast-Acting Relief

Triple Soothing Action

Soothe and protect your joints. Block the pain receptors in your joints. Contains patented ingredients - ApresFlex®, Curcumin C3 Complex® and Bioperine®.

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Joints Alive Supplement Label

Scientific Advisory Board
Holistic Health Labs Scientific Advisory Board is a team of medical and alternative healthcare practitioners who play an integral role for the education of our customers as well as the research, development, and testing of each Holistic Health Labs product. This team has been put together to ensure quality, delve into the scientific research of each ingredient used in our formula, and offer relevant insights to further improve our existing products and newly developed formula.

Adam Stewart, DMP, DABR
American Board of
Radiology Certified
Drew Sutton, MD FACS
American Board of
Otolaryngology Certified
Gianguido Coffa, PhD
Senior Scientist &
Biotech Consultant